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Our two SEO Website Auditor Reports become indispensable once you actually have your website up and running. I’m not sure how many times we have looked at expensive websites that our customers have had built only to find out the SEO value of those websites is next to nothing.

Our SEO Website Auditor Reports (especially when used in conjunction with our SEO Spy Reports) will tell us what is and what isn’t right about your website’s on page SEO.  Let me put it like this:

If you want to know why a website isn’t ranking, look at the website.

I know, obvious right? Except people almost NEVER do it!  The truth is, most SEO companies don’t spend the kind of time and money that we do on building out these kinds of tools. We get corporate clients all of the time who have been working with another SEO ompany and just aren’t ranking, nobody can seem to figure it out. We’ll often pull just one SEO Website Auditor Report on their site and know in minutes why it’s not ranking. It really is THAT helpful.

When we create all of our reports we build multiple versions of the reports. In the case of our SEO Website Auditor Reports we supply two different versions, compact and detailed. Take a look at the two versions below.

Website Structure Audit Compact View

Website Structure Audit Detailed View

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