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There is only one way to know more about your competitors than they do, and that’s by becoming an SEO Spy. The truth about most SEO professionals and most companies, is that they really have no true understanding of why they rank. Oh, they know what they did to rank but often they don’t know what out of the list of things that they do, actually worked. That’s why we developed our SEO Spy reports.

We have developed three comprehensive SEO Spy reports that will tell you everything you need to know about your competitors. You will truly know more about them than they know about themselves.



How about some examples of our SEO Spy Reports?


The SEO Spy Website Backlinks Analysis Report

This SEO report is a monster! This report is going to tell you so much about your competitor that they are going to wonder who’s been talking.  One look at this report on a website and I know instantly what kind of effort it’s going to take to beat them.

Without this report you may think there is no way you will ever beat them, with this report you instantly know what is and isn’t possible. The information gleaned about the value of existing backlinks is absolutely priceless.



SEO Spy Website Backlinks Report

This SEO report breaks down the backlinks of the first SEO report into the finest detail, allowing you to really get to know and understand just what is working for your competitor and what isn’t. At the end of the day good SEO boils down to doing everything better than anyone else. This SEO reports allows us to cut to the chase by giving value to the work your competitor is doing. By simply looking at this report we learn what links are passing the highest value so that we know exactly what you need to beat and often how to beat also.



SEO Spy Success Blueprint

This SEO report is the killing blow to anybody who thinks they can stand toe to toe with you. In this report we literally tell you, in plain English, the steps that need to be take in order to over come your competition. Not only that but it’s accomplished in step by step fashion. Just a little too easy? Don’t believe me? Just look at a sample report by clicking on the report title above.


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