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About Us

Super Ninja SEO is a creation of The Tempered Group. The Tempered Group has been utilising SEO for our own projects and for our corporate customers for a number of years now. It’s the fact that we actually depend on SEO services for our own projects that keeps us up to date on all of the current SEO methods and techniques that work.

With SEO, more than just about anything else online, if you don’t stay current . . . you die. It’s literally as simple as that. What worked last month often doesn’t work this month. More now than ever you need an SEO company who understands this and is working for you.

While ranking has become harder than ever, falling foul with the search engines has become easier than ever. Companies who hire their SEO out to unscrupulous SEO “professionals” often find themselves in the Google Sandbox, or worst yet completely de-indexed!

The Tempered Group offers a true hands on and end to end SEO services for out corporate clients. We will manage EVERYTHING for you. We will handle all of your market and niche based research, we’ll find the right keywords, the ones that actually get traffic. We’ll find out why your competitors are ranking . . . and do it better than them.

While The Tempered Group generally focuses it’s consulting and SEO services on larger corporate customers we had often wanted a vehicle that would allow us to answer the SEO needs of smaller businesses and individuals, and that’s why we developed the Super Ninja SEO platform. While still being able to put all of our extensive SEO experience to work for smaller companies and individuals, the Super Ninja SEO platform has allowed us to package it in a more cost effective manner and still deliver the same high quality product.

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